SKYPE lessons

Learn how Alessandro edits his photo using Lightroom or Camera Raw and Photoshop. You dont need to be a pro at using photoshop or lightroom. It is very important that you understand WHY its done and not HOW its done, many people just think that copying an edit from a professional photographer will get the same result, WRONG, every photo has a different light, person, background and more, this is the secret in success, not how its done but why its done.


– Camera Raw or Lightroom
– Photoshop
– Skype

How long does a lesson last:

– 2 hours
– 4 hours
– 6 hours

What will we do?
Alessandro will teach you the full process of post production. You will edit more types of photos, you can edit your photos or choose Alessandro’s Photos.

When can you do the workshop

you can choose a date and time with Alessandro.


2 Hour editing – 290 Euro (the full portrait editing action will be inlcuded in the pack)
4 Hour editing – 390 Euro (the full portrait editing action will be inlcuded in the pack)
6 Hour editing – 590 Euro (the full portrait a to z will be included in the pack)

How to book a skype lesson

to book is really simple, just send an email to: diciccophotography@hotmail.com or just fill the form under and together you will choose time and date.
The payment has to be done before the lesson.